Politics Week

Time to get excited, Politics Week is almost here!! Get ready for a jam packed week of events. Our Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday, where we will officially begin the week and award the Honorary Presidency of the society. ¬†On Tuesday it is time to make a break for it, with PolSoc Jailbreak. All you have to do is make it the furthest away from campus in an afternoon and you will win two afters tickets for the Politics Ball! After you have made a break for it, don’t forget to come back for our Women in Politics panel discussion. Where we will have an exciting panel of guest speakers. On Wednesday it is your chance to warm up for Euro ’16, with the Government Cup. Get 5 of your mates together and prepare to battle it out for the highly coveted Government Cup… as well as 5 afters ticket to the Politics Ball. Finally Thursday… the highlight of the week the Politics Ball! Time to dust off your suit and shine your heals, and get ready to be immersed in the world of Mad Men.