Government and Politics 2020

Happy New Year (and Decade) to one and all from us here in UCC Government and Politics Society.  Over the past semester we have organised various events ranging from the political discussions of our new fortnightly Politea to our time honoured collaboration with Economics Soc on the Budget. We even gave the society a new look, and we have to say our stag looks majestic. we should probably get a name for it.

Are we going to rest on our laurels for this semester? We don’t think so! We have lots of plans in the works including but not limited to: Model Dáil,  the continuation of Gov&Pod, a talk on incarceration,STAG PARTY, Politics Fair and our very own publication… No rest for the wicked here at Gov&Pol, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are reading this then it means you are aware of the fact we are back using the website to inform people and promote what we do. We also intend to be making use of a mailing list to keep our membership in the loop, so if you haven’t signed up already and don’t want to trawl through our hectic social media (our PRO and OCMs live life in the fast lane) then be sure to do so.  We will of course be at Socs Day 2 , but if you can’t wait until then shoot us an email from your student account and we’ll add you. Méabh is a ruthless OCM, she’ll get you sorted ASAP.

You can find the society on Facebook,Twitter, Tinder and on our two Spotify channels (one for our podcast, the other for our playlists) if you want to keep up with us that way. In short we have a very busy year ahead. Thanks for sticking with us and together we’ll make 2020 an even better year.

With anticipation, the Government and Politics Society Committee.